Sweden Church Of Christ - Romans 16:16

Sunday 14/12, 21/12, 28/12 2014
Wednesday 31/12
Sunday 4/1-2015

Biblestudies & Worship
Fellowship with prayers for the new year at Brother George´s house

For location call George. Phone.nr 

Biblestudies & Worship
Sweden church of Christ
Artemisgatan 19, Stockholm.
Subway-station Ropsten

Somewhere around the world an old lady has given birth to a newborn baby and in the same way the the old Church of Christ which was  established in A.D 33  has now been born new in Sweden.
The Church of Christ doctrines is only taken from the bible and we speak where the bible speaks and we are silent where the bible is silent.
Jesus said: Come to me, all you who  are tired and burdened and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)
We are living in a world full of evil therefor seek Christ and He will rescue you from the hands of the evil.
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