Sweden Church Of Christ - Romans 16:16
Our Lord God Almighty is wonderful for He is indeed an Awesome God. Heaven and Earth cannot contain Him for He is greater than all that we see and know to be. His Majesty is glorious and His power is without measure. Our heavenly Father is holy and His love is everlasting. His wisdom surpasses all human comprehension. Heaven and Earth continuously sing His praises for He is worthy.

There is no one else like the Lord for He is indeed King of kings and Lord of lords. Men will search for peace in a time of turmoil, but they will only find it if they seek the Prince of Peace. True peace only comes from our Lord God Almighty and His peace surpasses all understanding. Seek the Lord with all of your heart and know that He is within your reach. God is for you and He will not forsake you even when you are suffering through trials and tribulations. Fear not for the Lord is with you and He is worthy of your praise.

God became one of us through Jesus, and through his blood we have become worthy of God for He has washed our sins away. Our heavenly Father has redeemed us through the Lamb. We have been sanctified and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit of our Lord God Almighty. Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone has intricately placed each of us in a wonderful and holy temple that serves as a dwelling place of God in the Holy Spirit. Our Holy Father is worthy of your time and service in the vineyard of the Lord.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and know that He will act. Always know that you are not alone for the Angels of the Lord minister to those who are to obtain salvation. The Lord loves you and He is with you. Who can stand against the Lord of Hosts? No one could and no one ever will. Take heart in knowing that the Great I Am is He who stands in your favor. Praise our Lord God Almighty for He is worthy.The churches of Christ welcome you to worship the Lord with us.  We are here to serve God and to assist you in your walk with the Lord.  Visit the
church of Christ in your community.

It is always a pleasure serving the Lord's church.  If I may be of any service to you please do not hesitate to call.  You may contact us at any time by telephone.
Name & Place
Brother George Opoku               
Sweden Church Of Christ          
Vinjegatan 5, Bromma, Stockholm
Subway-station(T-bana) Blackeberg( green line)
Exit: Vinjegatan
Tel.number:+46(0)73-693 81 81
Church Services
Sundays 11.00 A:m
Sundays 12.00 A:m 

Our congregation salutes you and welcomes you into great fellowship with Christ.

You are warmly welcome to join Tuesday biblestudies & Sunday worship with brother Chella & sister Diana from their residence in Gothenburg 

The adress is Toleredsgatan 17 Take bus 25 from central Gothenburg towards Svarte Mosse, disembark at station Toleredsgatan Please contact them for more info Tel +46 73 082 53 24  

You are warmly welcome to join Tuesday biblestudies & Sunday worship with brother Shadrak & sister Shirley from their residence in Copenhagen 

The adress is Willemoesgade 18. Take bus 1A from central Copenhagen towards Hellerup disembark at station Lille triangel Please contact them for more info Tel +4523397783
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